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In a martial art where technique and knowledge are so heavily emphasized, fitness remains a necessary element of every grappler’s training regimen. Time on the mats is still the number one priority, but being smart about fitness for bjj will help take your game to a new level. Also, keeping your fitness in check will make sure you’re healthy so you can keep training and improving. 

The fitness for bjj category of our blog is packed with exercises, routines, and tips to make working out that much easier. We know that you’d rather be squeezing necks and breaking limbs, so save yourself some time and check out the advice we have on how to master fitness for bjj. 

Articles in this category are ideal for anyone who trains jiu jitsu, whether you’re a casual grappler or an aspiring world champion!

Check out the fitness for bjj section of our blog today and see how to optimize your strength and conditioning, flexibility and mobility, and physical recovery! 

Strength and Conditioning for BJJ: How to Workout Smart

Strength and Conditioning for BJJ: How to Workout Smart

The importance of Strength and Conditioning in BJJ Strength and conditioning for bjj is easy to overlook, especially when it’s so fun to jump on the mats and strangle your training partners instead!  In a sport where technique is so heavily emphasized, strength and conditioning for bjj can sometimes be seen in a negative light. […]

6 Tasty Muscle Recovery Foods to Snack on Post BJJ

6 Muscle Recovery Foods to Snack on Post BJJ

Muscle recovery foods shouldn’t be rocket science, getting good at bjj is hard enough.  In this article, we’ve done our best to make post workout nutrition a little bit easier for you. The better you eat, the better your body will perform and recover, and that means you can spend more time on the mats.   […]

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