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Training can take a toll on your body and on your mind, especially the type of training that is required if you want to have success in the world of competitive bjj. Wellness for bjj involves more than just physical health, as it also accounts for your mental, emotional, and social well-being. All of these need to be in check if you want to be at your best on the mats (and off the mats as well).  

Articles in this category will provide you with tips, tricks, and advice on how to make sure you’re prioritizing wellness for bjj in your daily routine.  

Whether you’re brand new to the sport or you’re a seasoned veteran, everyone can put a bit more effort towards self-care. Topics covered in these articles range from recovery to performance, and all around well-being as a martial artist and as a person.  

Check out the wellness for bjj section of our blog so you can stay healthy and perform at your best! 

6 Tasty Muscle Recovery Foods to Snack on Post BJJ

6 Muscle Recovery Foods to Snack on Post BJJ

Muscle recovery foods shouldn’t be rocket science, getting good at bjj is hard enough.  In this article, we’ve done our best to make post workout nutrition a little bit easier for you. The better you eat, the better your body will perform and recover, and that means you can spend more time on the mats.   […]

Yoga for BJJ: The 3 Best YouTube Channels to Improve Your BJJ

yoga for bjj meme

In a sport where turning your training partners into human pretzels is not only normal but encouraged, it makes sense why there are so many advocates of yoga for BJJ.  Forced flexibility aside, yoga for BJJ can be a great addition to any grappler or fighter’s recovery routine.  Add in the emphasis on breathing and […]

4 Reasons you should use CBD after your Jiu Jitsu workout

4 Reasons you should use CBD after your Jiu Jitsu workout

Jiu Jitsu workouts give us a great feeling, but the day after, it’s usually all about sore muscles and aching joints. Trust, we know the feeling.  Being stressed about an approaching competition? Lacking quality sleep on a consistent basis? We already do yoga for BJJ and eat muscle recovery foods. We started looking for an […]

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