Gordon Ryan VS Andre Galvao: When two Jiu Jitsu Kings beef up on Social Media

Gordon Ryan VS Andre Galvao: When two Jiu Jitsu Kings beef up on Social Media 1

In our technological age, we all love a bit of social media beef, and fact is only extenuated when the two people going at it are Jiujitsu stars.

Anyone who loves the sport will have seen the online spats between Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan recently, as they both claim to wear the crown when it comes to Jiujitsu king.

Galvao has long been considered one of the greatest to ever grace the sport, hence why Ryan seems to be looking for a scalp to boost his own career worth.

The retired 36-year-old won numerous titles and gold medals in his time, including important titles such as IBJJF World Champion, IBJJF Pan American Champion (8x), and ADCC champion (2x).

However, Ryan also boasts an impressive record in submission-only grappling, with 105 wins (89 submissions), 7 losses, and 3 draws from 115 matches.

Gordon Ryan, arguably the best leg locker in the game first called out Galvao on Instagram, screenshotting the titan’s own post claiming that he is ‘The Real King’.

Ryan captioned the screenshot with ‘I will put up 50k of my own money. I beat you in any mainstream no gi rules match. No time/ebi/adcc/ibjjf. You choose. We all know who wears the crown.’

Galvao was quick to respond, and certainly wasn’t shy in his retort, stating: ‘50k? Come on…I’m worthy over 1 million dollars in this game || just like I said on my last post. Your actions speak louder than your words. And here are my actions: 5X ADCC, 5x IBJJF ***not gonna waste my time writing all other titles here and all I’ve done for the sport || I’m tested & approved Gi or No Gi.’

The argument continued, with both stars keeping it public for the world to see. Gordon Ryan came back with: ‘In order for you to be worth a million, people have to want to watch you. But you’re just another generic guy. Not even talking shit, that’s just facts. If anyone is worth a million, it’s me. I bring more eyes to events than you ever will.

‘Like I said, we can either put up money to bet, or someone can pay us to compete. That is… if you want the match. You’re the king of adcc, aren’t you? I’m sure someone would pay you enough money to come back and do a 20-minute adcc match with me. That is, if you accept.

Gordon Ryan King

‘Or you can just sit here behind the phone and talk about how you’re worth a million dollars. When in reality, that’s just a safety blanket, knowing nobody will ever pay you that because the numbers don’t add up. When you’re ready to actually compete under your kingdoms adcc rules, I’ll be sitting here waiting to bring eyes to watch… like I always do.’

The 36-year-old, Galvao responded with: ‘You will have to film 30 more DVDs for BJJ fanatics to raises this money hahaha. Like I said above, last time I went to Australia, I ate some nice food, took some pictures with Kangaroos, and got back home with 50k. You will be watching my super fight at ADCC this year on a bench again. Sorry, but I have to fight the open class champion, not the silver medallist.’

Ryan later posted on his Instagram story: ‘Like I said, I know what super fight champions get paid at adcc. If I can get you that money to come and compete against me, will you do it? I will also put up an EXTRA $100,000 against your 100k and winner can take all if you’d like and are as confident as you appear. I didn’t start this, but I will finish it. Either by submitting and watching you sail off into retirement as I cement myself as the no gi GOAT. Or whether you completely ignore me, and the match never happens. One way or another, people will know who the crown belongs to.’

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