Our Favorite Jiu Jitsu Mats to Train BJJ at Home

Our Favorite Jiu Jitsu Mats to Train BJJ at Home

Jiu Jitsu Mats for BJJ at Home

This article will be a comprehensive review of the jiu jitsu mats we recently purchased through amazon – check them out here

To add a bit of context to the situation – this article was written in the midst of the Spring 2020 COVID-19 social distancing and the self-quarantine situation in Canada. 

Citizens are only allowed to leave their houses to go to work (if they are the few that are still part of an essential service), to get groceries or supplies from a pharmacy, or for brief exercise. 

All jiu jitsu academies are closed, and many fitness organizations have resorted to connecting with members via online classes. Some say training jiu jitsu isn’t essential to the survival of humanity… we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one. 

After making sure we were healthy and safe from the immediate COVID-19 threat, our team had to quickly adjust to this new reality of training during a global pandemic. 

We started our at-home-training by studying some instructional, doing some yoga for bjj and Jiu Jitsu breakdowns.

We also started practicing yoga with the help of a few helpful YouTube channels – you can check out the videos we watched here. To round everything out we added a foam roller, some resistance bands and some jiu jitsu mats to our home jiu jitsu set-ups, creating the perfect environment to stay active and get our much-needed BJJ fix!  

Now, let’s get into the reason we’re here:  a review of the jiu jitsu mats that serve as the foundation of our home dojos. 


Our Favorite Jiu Jitsu Mats to Train BJJ at Home 1

What are these Jiu Jitsu Mats all about?

These jiu jitsu mats are the perfect foundation for setting up your home dojo. Whether it be for training BJJ, or even just general fitness and yoga, these jiu jitsu mats are ideal for most living spaces. 

What’s included?

You will receive 1 mat, made up of 4 folding panels. The total dimensions of the mat when flat are 8 feet (240cm) x 4 feet (120cm) x 2 inches (5cm). Velcro straps line the sides of the mat, allowing you to combine mats for even more workout space. Made of premium quality PU leather, each panel has a zipper so you can access the shock absorbing EPE foam found inside for easy cleaning, replacement, or repair. The mat comes with sewn-in fabric carrying handles, so that once folded, your jiu jitsu mat is easy to transport and store. 

How much does it cost?

See these details by following the product link here

How is it delivered?

See amazon for specific delivery details. 


We couldn’t wait to get these jiu jitsu mats out of the box. We ended up buying 2 sets instead of 1 so that we could link them together using the Velcro connectors and get even more mat space. We cannot describe how amazing it felt to be training again, at that in the comfort of our own home! Getting 2 sets of jiu jitsu mats instead of 1 proved to be a great decision, as it allowed us to actually roll – of course, in a bit more of a controlled manner than we usually would at the dojo. 

First and foremost, these jiu jitsu mats allowed us to keep training BJJ while we were stuck at home. Secondly, having the mats in such an accessible area (ie. our living room), we were able to work on some techniques and concepts that we may not have had time for when attending classes and training at the dojo. We were able to continue to develop, and even progress in some ways, while training at home. Lastly, the jiu jitsu mats made it easier to stay in shape, whether that be training yoga for BJJ (insert link to article), or just stretching and doing some general fitness work. Having the mats so close made living an active lifestyle much easier. 

Jiu Jitsu Mats Review: Pros


Customers appear to be very pleased with the durability of these mats. The quality exterior and easy-to-access interior of the mats make upkeep easy, if any is needed at all. For the most part, basic cleaning and common sense (no sharp objects on the mats) will ensure your mats have a long, productive life. After a few weeks of many hours of BJJ training on our parts, the mats we have are holding up well and still look just like when we got them.  

Thick, Comfortable

These mats may not be ideal for body slams, but the shock absorbing EPE foam inside the mats makes for a very thick, comfortable feel. There’s nothing worse than rolling around on mats that are so thin you can feel the hardwood floor, and these mats make you feel like you’re right back on your dojo mats.  We agree with the many positive customer reviews – these mats are crazy comfortable, and thick enough that your neighbours (probably) won’t be knocking on your door to complain about your shoulder rolls and hip escapes. 

Jiu Jitsu Mats Review: Cons

jiu jitsu mats black

At first, we read some negative reviews about these mats and were hesitant about buying them. We continued reading and our opinions were changed by the overwhelming number of positive reviews about these jiu jitsu mats. 

Wear and Tear

Some customers reported the mats being damaged after a short amount of time, however we have not experienced this issue at all with our sets of mats. We make sure to use proper gym etiquette, meaning no shoes or socks on the mats, and we never forget to clean after a workout. Anything is bound to fall apart if you don’t treat it properly. Take care of these mats and they will be around for a long time. 

Size of a single mat 

If you are above 6 feet and plan on using the mats to do more than just solo BJJ drills, like drilling or rolling with a partner, you will most likely need more than just one mat. This isn’t as much a con as it is something to keep in mind when shopping. As we mentioned, we were happy with the space we had when we used the Velcro to connect 2 sets of mats together. 


More than anything else, these jiu jitsu mats will keep you sane by letting you train BJJ at home. Whether it’s being stuck inside because of nation-wide quarantines due to the COVID-19 virus like we were, or just wanting more time to train without having to go all the way to your dojo, these mats are perfect for you. 

Not only are these jiu jitsu mats great for keeping your BJJ game sharp, they also make staying in shape that much easier. Being able to quickly and easily roll out some mats in your living room means one less reason not to stretch, do some yoga, or a quick bodyweight workout when you have some extra time. 

When we first saw these mats, we wanted them right away so that we wouldn’t miss too many precious BJJ training sessions. To our satisfaction, the mats were delivered very quickly, and we were able to resume training without being away from BJJ for too long. 

All in all, we would absolutely recommend getting these mats. 

Are you looking for new jiu jitsu mats to train BJJ at home? These are our favourite – click here to get yours! 


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