New Jiu Jitsu Streetwear Hoodies: Spring 2020

New Jiu Jitsu Streetwear Hoodies Spring 2020

Get out of here, Jon Snow! Spring is coming, and that means it’s time to check out our new collection of jiu jitsu streetwear hoodies

We are thrilled to announce the release of our stylish spring 2020 collection! Get ready to add these must-haves to your wardrobe and prepare to turn some heads as soon as you exit self-isolation (whenever that may be #COVID-19). 

BJJ fanatics – this one’s for you! 

We have hoodies for men, hoodies for women, hoodies for indoors, hoodies for outdoors, hoodies for days when you want to train jiu jitsu, and hoodies for days when you don’t want to train jiu jitsu (just kidding, we’re obsessed with jiu jitsu and those days don’t exist!).  

At Jiu Jitsu Marketplace, we stand by our core values.

We believe it’s important to be bold, creative, and passionate, and we’re confident that these values are clear to see by the production of our new spring 2020 collection of awesome jiu jitsu streetwear hoodies. 

This collection was inspired by some of our favourite jiu jitsu quotes, popular memes and logos, and sayings from around the dojo. Oh, and we’re big fans of kids’ kung fu movies too! 

Scroll down to get a snapshot of each of the 4 jiu jitsu streetwear hoodies that are being highlighted today! 


1. Headhunter For Life Hoodie

Headhunter for Life Hoodie black

Why headhunter? Well, how else could we pay homage to history’s fiercest headlock experts? 

Guillotine, Anaconda, D’Arce and Brabo – snatching up a neck with a super powerful squeeze is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. That is, if you’re the one doing the squeezing. If you’re the one being squeezed, it becomes one of the absolute worst feelings in the world (oh, so this is what it feels like to be beheaded). 

Make sure the collar of this hoodie is the only thing getting close to your neck this spring! Get your Headhunter for Life Hoodie today! 


2. Intelligence Over Strength Hoodie 

Intelligence over strength hoodie navy

Intelligence over strength… really? Yes, really. This is a reminder of the roots of our beloved art of jiu jitsu. 

Technique conquers all, and through this we can see that careful thought, patience, and responsible decisions outdo strength, energy, charisma, and other similar traits. Helio would be proud. 

Now, you might be strong as well, but we know you’re definitely smart! 

Get this Intelligence Over Strength Hoodie today to let the world know how smart you really are. Besides, nobody will be able to see your muscles with a hoodie on, so you may as well jump on the intelligence train!  


3. Welcome to Darce City Hoodie

Welcome to Darce City Hoodie Black

We all have that annoying training partner with a super lanky body and unbelievably long arms. They catch us in Darce chokes way too often, from all sorts of angles and positions. 

This hoodie celebrates this incredibly versatile submission that gives long-armed grapplers everywhere a major step up on their competition (and makes short-armed grapplers jealous).   

You may not be able to stop those annoying training partners’ Darce choke attempts, but at least you can let the world know that you have awesome style and that you train jiu jitsu with this slick streetwear hoodie!

Get your Welcome to Darce City Hoodie today!


4. F*ck it Try a Leg Lock Hoodie

F*ck It Try a Leg Lock Hoodie Black

The lion is said to be the king of the jungle. It’s hard to argue then that the most lethal leg locker on the mats isn’t the lion in a jungle of grapplers. 

This hoodie is an homage to all the grapplers who start to work to pass their opponent’s guard before thinking, ah f*ck it, I’ll try a leg lock instead! 

The design of this awesome hoodie is actually based off of the submission finish from a famous match between two world class grapplers. Can you guess which match this is from? 

Get your F*ck It Try a Leg Lock Hoodie ready for the spring! 


Enjoying These Jiu Jitsu Streetwear Hoodies? 

Stock up on these today! Pick your favourite design and get ready to show the world your jiu jitsu fashion flare! 

Visit the spring 2020 collection to find the coolest designs and logos on all of your favourite apparel – not just these jiu jitsu streetwear hoodies. 

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