Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020

Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020

Training jiu jitsu comes with a number of benefits too long to list here. 

One extra benefit being in the jiu jitsu world that people often forget is the access to high-quality jiu jitsu memes!

With the COVID-19 social distancing and self-isolation putting a damper on the moods of many in the jiu jitsu community (we miss training too!), we need to remind ourselves that being home is the right thing to do (even if it means us going a bit crazy without getting to beat up our friends!). 

So kick back, relax and take your mind off of whatever is bothering you with some of the greatest jiu jitsu memes in 2020, on us. 

Jiu Jitsu meme 11

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 - 11

Welcome to the dark side! Leg lockers are a special bunch of people. Who else dreams of ripping apart human legs?! 

There’s nothing quite like the look on a leg locker’s face when they realize they’re with a group of grapplers who have been avoiding the dark art of leg locks since white belt. 

The sharks are ready to eat! 

Jiu Jitsu meme 10

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 1

I’ve worked so hard to get to this position – just let me have this!

Rolling with a black belt is an interesting experience (to say the least) for any colored belt. Offensive submission opportunities disappear without warning and attacks appear out of nowhere.  

Who else hates when they can’t get the black belt to tap once you finally get them in a bad position? Well, that’s if you manage to get them into a bad position at all! 

Jiu Jitsu meme 9

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 2

Savage! But hey, that’s just the way it goes. I think the saying goes something like tap, snap or nap! 

If you’ve been training for a few months, you understand when it’s the right time to make the smart call and tap.  

Some people are just crazy and let their shit get broken – oh well, what are you gonna do?

Jiu Jitsu meme 8

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 3

Jiu jitsu parents are cut from a different cloth! 

Other parents cheer on little Timmy at his soccer game, while jiu jitsu parents are yelling for little Jessica to rip the other girl’s arm clean off at a competition! 

Parents who train jiu jitsu know what’s up, and parents whose kids train jiu jitsu also know what’s up. Take that arm home with you, kid! 

Jiu Jitsu meme 7

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 4

“I’ll take some time off to heal up this injury,” is the most commonly told joke in the entire jiu jitsu community! As if! 

If you train jiu jitsu, chances are you have many rolls of tape, as well as an ankle, knee or wrist brace or support (hopefully not all 3), or other pieces of protective or rehabilitative equipment at home.

That’s just part of the game!  

Jiu Jitsu meme 6

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 5

Hey, we’re just selling the dream!

When someone walks into a jiu jitsu academy for their first class, most of them aren’t aware that they are signing up for a lifelong obsession with twisting other humans into pretzels and beating up your friends for fun. 

Get ready for more than a hobby – jiu jitsu will take over your life (in the best way possible), and most of us who train jiu jitsu are ok with that. 

Jiu Jitsu meme 5

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 6

Uh-oh! We’ve all been there (at least in the white belt’s position!). 

Relieving stress through exercise is one thing, but relieving stress through practicing consensual simulated murder is in a whole different world! 

To some, this is crazy. To BJJ fanatics, this is just another day in the dojo! 

Jiu Jitsu meme 4

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 7

Creating jiu jitsu was the only way we could do to repay God for creating the humans and the earth! 

The real question is: who enjoys leg locks more, God or the devil? Our vote is with the fella down below.


Jiu Jitsu meme 3

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 8

Look out, world! There’s a dangerous ninja walking through the streets – oh wait, it’s me! 

The feeling of submitting a higher belt is one of absolute joy that leads to a giant jump in confidence (as long as the higher belt isn’t now angry and there isn’t a lot of time left in the sparring round!). 

Jiu Jitsu meme 2

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 9

Not all black belts are created equal! Beware of what you include in your bio on your favourite dating app (hint: aikido black belts and/or black belts you received as a child or teen aren’t advisable). 

Find yourself a significant other who knows the difference between black belts and black belts

Jiu Jitsu meme 1

Top 11 Greatest Jiu Jitsu Memes in 2020 10

It’s not for everyone, but there’s this fun thing all the cool things are doing called jiu jitsu. 

Choke your best friends, try to break their arms – hell, even throw them on their heads from time to time. 

It’s all in the name of jiu jitsu, and that’s ok! 

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