The World of BJJ: August 2021 Recap

world of bjj - august 2021 - frank rosenthal

The World of BJJ: August 2021 Recap

What’s going on in the world of BJJ? 

We’ve got you covered for all your BJJ-related news and happenings in this version of our monthly recap (August 2021).  


BJJBET II – Who’s Next (1 August 2021)

BJJ Bet was back with another colossal Brazilian-based event.

The night’s main attraction was the 88kg Grand Prix, which saw Leandro Lo, Micael Galvao, Lucas Barbosa, and others compete for the title. Also on the card were several high-level superlight matchups with some of the biggest grappling names out of Brazil.

Here are the results from the 88kg Grand Prix:


  • Leandro Lo def. Rafael Paganini (10-0)
  • William Tackett def. Rousimar Palhares (9-0)
  • Lucas Barbosa def. Servio Tulio (4-0)
  • Mauricio Oliveira def. Micael Galvao


  • Lucas Barbosa def. Mauricio Oliveira (arm-triangle)
  • Leandro Lo def. William Tackett (injury)


  • Lucas Barbosa def. Leandro Lo (RNC)

Besides Hulk dominating his way through the 88kg Grand Prix, there were also several superfights. Here are those results:


  • Nicolas Meregali def. Rider Zurich (2-0)
  • Tayane Porfirio def. Gabrieli Pessanha (2-0)
  • Matheus Gabriel def. Luan Carvalho (armbar)
  • Meyram Maquine def. Murilo Amaral (choke)
  • Samuel Nagai def. Matheus Onda (choke)
  • Leonardo Lara def. Jean Michelin (RNC)
  • Jessica Caroline def. Duda Tozoni (6-4)
  • Pedro Machado def. Caio BBG (armbar)

This event gave many Brazilian grapplers who haven’t had many opportunities to compete recently, such as Tayane Porfirio, Nicolas Meregali, and Leandro Lo, a chance to get back on the big stage. What’s more: they got to do it locally.

What’s next for BJJ Bet? And what’s next for these elite Brazilian grapplers now that competition is getting back to a normal pace following the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions globally?


Emerald City Invitational #2 (7 August 2021)

Emerald City Invitational 2 did not disappoint after a phenomenal first show in April. This time, 16 grapplers battled it out at 145lbs for the $10,000 grand prize.

Here are the full results from the 145lbs tournament:

1st Round

  • Kennedy Maciel def. Jeff Mock (reverse triangle)
  • Frank Rosenthal def. David Weintraub (reverse triangle)
  • Keith Krikorian def. Suraj Budhram (OT – RNC)
  • Estevan Martinez def. Cameron Mellott (OT – RNC)
  • Gianni Grippo def. Ellis Karadag (heel hook)
  • Raul Rosas Jr. def. Luis Quinones (OT – RNC)
  • Gabriel Sousa def. John Battle (OT – RNC)
  • Damien Anderson def. Richard Alarcon (kimura)


  • Kennedy Maciel def. Frank Rosenthal (neck crank)
  • Keith Krikorian def. Estevan Martinez (OT – fastest escape)
  • Gianni Grippo def. Raul Rosas Jr. (OT – RNC)
  • Damien Anderson def. Gabriel Sousa (heel hook)


  • Kennedy Maciel def. Keith Krikorian (OT – fastest escape)
  • Gianni Grippo def. Damien Anderson (OT – fastest escape)


  • Gianni Grippo def. Kennedy Maciel (OT – fastest escape)

Also on this card were a number of superfights, which took place between the different rounds of the 145lbs tournament. Here are the full results:


  • Joe Baize def. Drew Puzon (heel hook)
  • Rey de Leon def. Jack Stapleton (shoulder lock)
  • Andrew Kochel def. Nick Willey (guillotine)
  • Andrew Solano def. Dillon Masington (OT – armbar)
  • Lauran Kent def. Eve Isaacs (triangle-armbar)
  • Savion Maranon def. Jacob Rodriguez (OT – RNC)
  • Trinity Pun def. Fleur Wayman (OT – RNC)
  • Albruce Touaev def. Dez McDonald (OT – RNC)
  • John Lyons def. Dylan Garofalo (OT – RNC)
  • Jaidyn Mueller def. Adelina Alvarez (RNC)

After putting on two incredible events, Emerald City Invitational is here to stay. After hosting 170lb and 145lb tournaments, which weight class do you think they should have for their next tournament? Or, after two men’s only tournaments, is it time to put together a 16-woman division for an Emerald City Invitational belt and another $10,000?


Polaris Squads 3 (7 August 2021)

Polaris put on an exciting team-BJJ event, which seems to be trending in the submission grappling/BJJ world lately. In the end, Team USA walked away with the most points from the series of matches, defeating Team UK/IRE.

Here are the full results from the team competition.

1st Round

  • Dan Straus (UK/IRE) vs Jon Blank (USA) – Draw
  • Kieran Davern (UK/IRE) vs Adam Benayoun (USA) – Draw
  • Jed Hue (UK/IRE) vs Roberto Jiminez (USA) – Draw
  • Ross Nichols (UK/IRE) vs Nick Ronan (USA) – Draw
  • Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) vs Richie Martinez (USA) – Draw
  • Darragh O’Conaill (UK/IRE) vs Nathan Orchard (USA) – Draw
  • Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) vs Geo Martinez (USA) – Draw
  • Ellis Younger (UK/IRE) vs Hunter Colvin (USA) – Draw
  • Nathan Orchard (USA) def. Kieran Davern (UK/IRE) – Neck crank/twister (3 points)
  • Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) vs. Roberto Jiminez (USA) – Draw
  • Dan Strauss (UK/IRE) vs Jon Blank (USA) – Draw
  • Jed Hue (UK/IRE) vs Hunter Colvin (USA) – Draw
  • Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) vs Geo Martinez (USA) – Draw

2nd Round

  • Nathan Orchard (USA) vs. Ross Nicholls (UK/IRE) – Draw
  • Nick Ronan (USA) vs Ellis Younger (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Adam Benayoun (USA) vs Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Richie Martinez (USA) vs Dan Strauss (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Geo Martinez (USA) vs Darragh O’Conaill (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Hunter Colvin (USA) vs Jed Hue (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Roberto Jiminez (USA) vs Kieran Davern (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Jon Blank (USA) vs Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Nick Ronan (USA) vs Ross Nichols (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Roberto Jiminez (USA) def. Bradley Hill (UK/IRE) – Choke (1 point)
  • Roberto Jiminez (USA) vs Ellis Younger (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Geo Martinez (USA) def. Dan Strauss (UK/IRE) – Injury (3 points)
  • Adam Benayoun (USA) vs Jed Hue (UK/IRE) – Draw 
  • Richie Martinez (USA) vs Ben Dyson (UK/IRE) – Draw

At the end of the competition, Team USA was declared the winner by a score of 7-0.

Also on this card was a heavyweight title superfight between Kyle Boehm and Silviu Nastasa. Boehm showed his slick leg lock game, securing a heel hook finish in just over thirty seconds to claim the Polaris heavyweight title.

What’s next for Polaris? Will we see another team-style event, a one-night grand prix tournament, or just a traditional card full of superfights?


F2W – August Events

Fight 2 Win Pro was back with another big month of events. Here’s a recap of what went down in August. 

F2W 180 (6 August 2021) saw Rafael Lovato Jr. defeat Gabriel Arges by unanimous decision to retain his no-gi light heavyweight title. In the co-main event, Johnny Tama was able to lock in a heel hook with two minutes left in their match to get the submission win, claiming the welterweight no-gi title in the process. 

This card featured 41 matches in total, including a huge black belt main card. Here are the complete results from the black belts:

  • Rafael Lovato Jr. def. Gabriel Arges (decision)
  • Johnny Tama def. Edwin Najmi (heel hook; Submission of the Night)
  • Rafael Dos Anjos def. Matheus Luna (split decision)
  • Mayara Custodio def. Talita Nogueira (decision)
  • Marcelo Mafra def. Chris Hargett (decision)
  • Baret Yoshida def. Jeff Nolasco (crucifix)
  • Yago DeSouza def. Mathias Luna (decision)
  • Gabriel Almeida def. Xavier Silva (decision; Fight of the Night)
  • Jason Youseph def. Carl Boudro (triangle)
  • Johnny Ho def. PJ Montano (heel hook)
  • Ricky Salas def. Thiago Angelon (injury)
  • Jair Silva def. Leonidas Tarca (decision)
  • Omar Sabha def. Nick Greene (decision)
  • Elder Cruz def. Art Garcia (decision)
  • Joao Pacheco def. Habriel Castro (decision)
  • Michael John def. Carlo Marasigan (decision)
  • Sean Joseph def. Ron Henderson (split decision)
  • Rodrigo Freitas def. Zimitro Perez (choke)

Also, there was an Open Belt/Open Weight women’s title up for grabs. Bri Robertson ended up defeating Helen Crevar via decision. 

F2W 181 (14 August 2021) saw Gabriel Sousa defeat Lucas Pinheiro via decision in a back-and-forth match. In the co-main event, Marcos Torregrosa defeated Angel Lopez via choke to win the masters welterweight gi title. 

Here are the full results from the main card. 

  • Gabriel Sousa def. Lucas Pinheiro (decision)
  • Marcos Torregrosa def. Angel Lopez (choke)
  • Fellipe Andrew def. Max Gimenis (decision)
  • Osmar Lagares Delima def. Thomas Haley (decision)
  • Daniel Wuerthner def. Ahmed White (split decision)
  • Tyler Brey def. Sean Joseph (armlock; Submission of the Night)
  • Kaisar Saulebayev def. Victor Vida (neck crank)
  • Tobin Staley def. Brandon Alexander (decision)
  • Carlos Oliveira def. Orlando Castillo (decision)
  • Jack Montgomery def. Louie Moreno (choke)
  • Antoine Gibson def. Christian Fisher (decision; Fight of the Night)

F2W 182 (28 August 2021) saw Dante Leon secure an RNC victory over the veteran Davi Ramos after a failed kneebar attempt by Ramos. In the co-main event, Jackson Nagai managed to nullify Edwin Najmi’s wild style, ultimately submitting Najmi with a mounted triangle to claim the welterweight gi title. 

Here are the full results from the main card.

  • Dante Leon def. Davi Ramos (no-gi) (RNC)
  • Jackson Nagai def. Edwin Najmi (gi) (triangle)
  • Gianni Grippo def. Samir Chantre (no-gi) (decision)
  • Sean Nickmorad def. Angel Lopez (gi) (ankle lock)
  • Alan Sanchez def. Osmar De Lima (no-gi) (inside heel hook)
  • Luis Gustavo def. Derek Van Ness (gi) (ankle lock)
  • Cassia Paixão def. Joy Pendell Felkins (gi) (decision)
  • Renato Alves def. Manny Rocha (no-gi) (decision)
  • Connor Donaldson def. Edward Hohl (gi) (armbar)
  • David Mitchell def. Nick Blrgel (no-gi) (foot lock)
  • Nicholas Greene def. Talal Alrasheed (gi) (armbar)
  • Dustin Akbari def. Kolo Vida (no-gi) (katagatame)

Check out F2W and FloGrappling for complete results from all the F2W events.

* * *

There you have it. Now, you’re all caught up on key events in the BJJ world from August. 

Check in next month for a recap of everything that happened in September. 

Until then… stay rolling, and protect your neck! (And your legs, and arms, and wrists… you get it).

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