The World of BJJ: What’s Coming Up in December 2021

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The World of BJJ: What’s Coming Up in December 2021

We’ve got you covered for all your BJJ-related news and upcoming events for December 2021. Check out what the BJJ world has in store for you!


F2W 189 (3 December 2021)

One of the busiest (if not the busiest) professional grappling organizations, Fight to Win, returns to Denver with another great card.

Here are a few of the matches that have been announced so far:

  •     Hugo Marques vs Jackson Nagai
  •     Edwin “Junny” Ocasio vs Hiago George
  •     Michael Liera Jr. vs PJ Barch

Who do you see coming out on top in each of these matchups?

Check out the F2W Instagram page for more news on results and upcoming events.


Emerald City Invitational #3 (4 December 2021)

Emerald City Invitational is back with another stacked tournament – this time, it’s a 185lb no-gi Grand Prix. Another $10,000 prize is up for grabs, along with another flashy championship belt!

This organization is quickly establishing itself as one of the premier professional grappling shows on the scene right now. 

At Emerald City Invitational #1, JP Barch submitted all four of his opponents to claim the 170lb title. At Emerald City Invitational #2, Gianni Grippo beat Kennedy Maciel to win the 145lb title. 

Here are the competitors for the 185lb tournament so far:

  •     Oliver Taza
  •     Izaak Michell
  •     Nick Ronan
  •     Giancarlo Bodoni
  •     Dante Leon
  •     Jon Blank
  •     Jon Piersma
  •     Josh Hayden
  •     Andre Petroski
  •     Sean Yadimarco
  •     Alan Sanchez
  •     Calvin Tracey
  •     Isaiah Wright
  •     John Combs
  •     Matteo Martinez (Qualifier Winner)
  •     Steve Kasten (Qualifier Runner-Up)

Who do you have coming away with $10,000 and a new championship belt?

Check out the Emerald City Invitational Instagram page for more updates on the card.


Grapple Kings 6 (5 December 2021)

Three championship titles will be up for grabs on December 5th as Grapple Kings hosts what they call “the biggest [grappling] card ever brought to Ireland” in an Instagram post.

In the main event, Ashley Williams takes on Robert Degle for the light heavyweight title. In the co-main event, Rosa Walsh faces Ashley Bendle for the lightweight title. And also on the main card, Tom Bacher meets Shane Fishman for the lightweight title.

Here are all the matchups taking place on the main card:

  •     Ashley Williams vs Robert Degle (LHW title)
  •     Rosa Walsh vs Ashley Bendle (LW title)
  •     Tom Bacher vs Shane Fishman (LW title)
  •     Kamil Wilk vs Joshua Williams
  •     Myles Prive vs Chris Rees
  •     Paul Redmond vs Chris Walsh
  •     Hugo Borim vs Tom Barry
  •     Honza Stach vs Jamie Dicks
  •     Ciaran Brohan vs Tom Tovey
  •     Mick Brennan vs Tom Cellamare
  •     Laura Pereti vs Priscila Batista (gi)
  •     Damien Dowling vs Sebastian Kozok

The event will take place live from the Dunamaise Arts Centre in Portlaoise, Ireland. You can stream the event live on FloGrappling.

Check out the Grapple Kings Instagram page for more updates on the card.


Fury Grappling (9 December 2021)

Jon Jones recently announced on Twitter that he would be competing against Bellator fighter and former Professional Wrestler Jack Hager in a grappling match on December 9th at Fury Grappling.

Hager responded and said that a deal had not yet been agreed upon, but that he was open to a discussion.


IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championship (9-12 December 2021)

The IBJJF Gi World Championships will finally return after more than two years of postponements and cancellations. While there is much to be excited about, there will also be a lot that is different about this edition of the IBJJF Mundials.

For starters, the tournament will not be held at the iconic and beloved Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California – where the event has been held annually since 2007. Instead, this year’s edition of the championships will take place at the Anaheim Convention Centre. What’s more, athletes will have to modify their already shaken-up competition schedules, as most are accustomed to the World Championships taking place in May-June, not December.

With a host of returning champions not registered to compete, we are sure to see an assortment of new gold medalists in the black belt divisions this year.

Do you have any predictions? Who will call themselves a black belt world champion in 2021?

Check out the complete IBBJF calendar for more info about this and other upcoming events as the year comes to an end.


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If you weren’t already excited for BJJ in the month of December, you should be now.

Stay in touch and check out our monthly recaps to make sure you’re kept in the loop.

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