The World of BJJ: What’s Coming Up in June 2021

eug promotions event 2 - the world of bjj june 2021

What’s coming up in the world of BJJ in June 2021?

We’ve got you covered for all your BJJ-related news and upcoming events for June 2021. Check out what the BJJ world has in store for you!

EUG Promotions Event #2 (Gi) (12 June 2021)

After an outstanding inaugural event in April, which saw Andy Murasaki tear through the 160lb bracket to take home the belt and the $10,000 cash prize, EUG promotions is back with another promising event.

EUG Promotions will host its second event this year – this time it’s a 170lb (gi) eight-man grand prix to be held in Las Vegas. The event will be streamed exclusively on FloGrappling in partnership with Harley-Davidson.

Here’s what the eight-man bracket, and the first-round matchups, look like so far:

  •     Tainan Dalpra vs Micael Galvao
  •     Jonnatas Gracie vs Jonatha Alves
  •     Mathias Luna vs Paulo Costa
  •     Michael Liera Jr vs Rafael Dos Anjos

On top of a stacked grand prix bracket, the event will also host a women’s title fight, in which Mayssa Bastos will defend her title against an opponent who has yet to be announced. Bastos won the title at EUG 1 when she dominated Jessa Khan, winning on points 21-2.

A superfight between Mario Alvarado and Zach Kaina has also been announced. In total, the promoters have advertised that the event will have 4 adult superfights, in addition to the women’s title fight and the eight-man bracket.

At this time, several juvenile superfights have also been added to the card. These include:

  •     Mia Funegra vs Jollene Sunga
  •     Jacob Benedicto vs Malikhi Espiritu
  •     Ashlee Funegra vs Emily Leyva
  •     Esther Garwood vs Amara Rodriguez

EUG is making a serious mark on the professional grappling scene in 2021. At that, the promoters are already advertising another event – a 145lb bracket to be held sometime in August 2021!

What else does EUG have in store for the rest of 2021?


F2W – June Events

Fight 2 Win continues 2021 full steam ahead, bringing a massive month of events to grappling fans worldwide. The promotion has 4 shows lined up for June, capping the month off with another exciting Female Fight Night.

Here’s what’s coming up in June:

  • F2W 172 – 4 June 2021
  • F2W 173 – 11 June 2021
  • F2W 174 – 18 June 2021
  • F2W 175 – 26 June 2021

Fight 2 Win continues to put on unforgettable events with some of the grappling world’s best talent. At that, they continue to make an effort to highlight the best female grapplers on the scene right now by hosting female-only cards.

We’re excited for the massive month they have coming up.


BJJ Stars 6: The New Star (TNS) – A Grande Final (26 June 2021)

BJJ Stars is also back with another impressive line-up for their June event.

This event caps off BJJ Stars’ reality jiu jitsu show, which you can find for free on YouTube. Interestingly, fans can vote online to determine the show’s matchups.

The show borrows from the Big Brother Brazil (BBB) and The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) formats, where competitors live together in a house, are grouped into two teams and take part in weekly challenges against each other. Each team is made up of 8 female and 8 male grapplers, with 4 coaches representing each team. At the end of the show, one lucky athlete will be awarded a contract with BJJ Stars.

Here are some of the coaches and athletes involved in the show:

Team Red (Keiko Sports) Coaches

  •     Mahamed Aly
  •     Monique Elias
  •     Patrick Gaudio
  •     Michael Langhi

Team Red (Keiko Sports) Athletes

  •     Marcos ‘Petcho’ Martins
  •     Natan Chueng
  •     Jenifer Oliveira
  •     Lucas Barros
  •     Lucas ‘Piauí’ Gualberto
  •     Renata Marinho
  •     Izadora Cristina
  •     Rebecca ‘Doidona’ Albuquerque

Team Grey (Venum) Coaches

  •     Bianca Basilio
  •     João Gabriel
  •     Felipe Pena
  •     Claudio Caloquina

Team Grey (Venum) Athletes

  •     Gabriel ‘Maranhão’ Costa
  •     Sabatha Laís
  •     Axel Roger
  •     Lucas ‘Khabib’ Bernardes
  •     Victória ‘Vic’ Ulrich
  •     Thamara Ferreira
  •     Ingridd Alves
  •     Leonardo Lara

So far, here are the matches slated for the Grande Final event at the end of June:

  •     Felipe ‘Preguiça’ Pena vs Patrick Gaudio (Title Match)
  •     Mahamed Aly vs João Gabriel
  •     Bianca Basilio vs Gabriela Fechter

Follow @bjjstarsoficial on Instagram for more match updates. From the looks of it, this is shaping up to be a phenomenal event.


IBJJF American Nationals (Gi and No-Gi) (24-26 June 2021)

The IBJJF American Nationals are set to go down in Las Vegas at the end of June. This event will have both gi and no-gi divisions.

Fans will definitely be watching closely, as the IBJJF no-gi scene has drastically changed following the implementation of heel hooks for both brown and black belt competitors. 5050 guard is a completely different animal now!

Indeed, the IBJJF seems to be returning to its pre-COVID-19 momentum, as they’ve hosted a variety of events in the past months.

Here’s what else the IBJJF has going on leading into the American Nationals:

  •     IBJJF Detroit International Open (Gi) (5 June 2021)
  •     IBJJF Boise International Open (Gi and No-Gi) (12 June 2021)
  •     IBJJF Atlanta International Open (Gi and No-Gi) (12-13 June 2021)
  •     IBJJF Oklahoma City International Open (Gi and No-Gi) (19-20 June 2021)
  •     IBJJF Rio Winter International Open (Gi and No-Gi) (24-27 June 2021)

Avid competitors can finally rejoice that the competition scene is starting to return to normal. 

However, there are still unanswered questions about the IBJJF World Championships, which would typically take place in Long Beach, California, at the start of June. At this time, nothing has been announced about the status of this prestigious week-long event.


If you weren’t already excited for BJJ in the month of June, you should be now! 

Stay in touch and check out our monthly recaps to make sure you’re kept in the loop.

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