The World of BJJ: What’s Coming Up in May 2021

World of BJJ may 2021

What’s coming up in the world of BJJ? 

We’ve got you covered for all your BJJ-related news and upcoming events for May 2021. Check out what the BJJ world has in store for you!


Subversiv 5 (No-Gi) (1 May 2021)

Subversiv 5 returns with another team-based jiu jitsu event to be held in Miami, Florida to kick off the month of May. 

Team Atos looks to defend their no-gi title from Subversiv 4. A total of 8 teams will be taking part in the Subversiv 5 tournament. Each team will put forward three athletes – 1 female, 1 male below 180lbs, and 1 male above 180lbs. 

The four quarter final matchups are as follows:

  • Atos vs American Top Team (ATT)
  • Gracie Barra vs Fight Sports
  • Checkmat vs Danaher Death Squad (DDS)
  • Studio 84 vs 10th Planet

As of right now, here are the athletes representing each of the 8 teams:

  • Atos: Kaynan Duarte, Rafaela Guedes, Lucas Barbosa
  • ATT: Chris Dempsey, Juliana Fortuna, Mauricio Gomez
  • Gracie Barra: Saul Viayra, Kendall Reusing, Lucas Norat
  • Fight Sports: Gesius JZ Cavalcante, Maggie Grindatti, Joao Costa Araujo
  • Checkmat: Gabriel Almeida, Nathalie Ribeiro, Elder Cruz
  • DDS: Oliver Taza, Katie Hooven, Daniel Manasoiu
  • Studio 84: Steve Joachim, Amanda Level, John Combs
  • 10th Planet: Rene Sousa, Bri Robertson, JM Holland

The event will also include several high-level superfights, including:

  • Elisabeth Clay vs Andressa Cintra
  • Pat Downey vs Rasheed Perez
  • And many more…

You can stream all the action live on FloGrappling


IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship (15-16 May 2021)

The IBJJF is picking up steam as 2021 rolls on. The organization has been doing its best to continue hosting high-level competitions while following COVID-19 protocols across the United States and beyond. 

The Pan No-Gi championship is sure to attract much of the top talent across all belt levels, as this tends to be one of the bigger competitions the IBJJF holds each year. However, international travel restrictions and forced quarantining related to COVID-19 may make it difficult for some to make it to this year’s edition of the tournament. 

That said, the tournament registration reached full capacity in only four days, with more than 1,000 competitors signed up. We can definitely expect to see some stacked brackets come mid-May. 

This year’s edition of the Pan No-Gi championship is also particularly interesting since the IBJJF’s recent addition of heel hooks to the brown and black belt divisions. Who will be taking home some legs (and gold medals) this year? 


F2W – May Events

Fight 2 Win continues their 2021 calendar with another two events in May after a strong first quarter of the year. The promotion’s events have been getting better and better, and we’re excited to see what they’re planning for the rest of the year and beyond. 

Here’s what’s on the docket for May:

  • F2W 172 – 8 May 2021
  • F2W 173 – 22 May 2021


Submission Underground 23 – Absolute Championship (23 May 2021)

Chael Sonnen and the SUG team are bringing you another action-packed event. Besides a thrilling main event matchup, SUG brings you another unique tag team matchup. 

In the main event, absolute champion Mason Fowler will defend his title against 10th Planet’s Kyle Chambers in a submission-only bout. Will Fowler continue his dominance and retain his absolute title? Or will Chambers be the man to upset Fowler and claim the crown?

In the co-main event, Team SAC (Cris Lencioni & Owen Papworth) defends their tag team title against an opposing team that has yet to be announced. This tag team match will consist of one 8-minute round. Whichever team amasses the most submissions in the 8-minute round will be declared the winner. If the number of submissions is equal after regulation time, an overtime period will ensue. If this is anything like the last few tag team matchups, we can expect fireworks from all four grapplers – and some weird positions too!

You can stream the action live on UFC Fight Pass


WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Luiz Panza (28 May 2021)

After another electrifying WNO event hosted by FloGrappling, the organization announced its next installment to take place in late May: Gordon Ryan vs Luiz Panza. 

Gordon Ryan has been dominating all the competition put in front of him as of late, and Panza is the next grappler who will look to dethrone the no-gi king. 

Panza, a checkmat blackbelt, is a former IBJJF Pan No-Gi and World No-Gi Champion, among many other accomplishments. He has a versatile closed guard and an arsenal of dangerous footlocks. 

Will Panza’s style be enough to disrupt Ryan’s winning ways? Or will we see another outstanding performance from the no-gi king, Gordon Ryan? 

Stay tuned for more match announcements from FloGrappling. If this card is anything like the last few WNO events, we’re all in for a treat! 


If you weren’t already excited for BJJ in the month of May, you should be now!


Stay in touch and check out our monthly recaps to make sure you’re kept in the loop. 

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