The World of BJJ: What’s Coming Up in September 2021

the world of bjj september 2021 WNO championship

What’s coming up in BJJ in September 2021?

We’ve got you covered for all your BJJ-related news and upcoming events for September 2021. Check out what the BJJ world has in store for you!


FloGrappling WNO Championship 2021 (25-26 September)

After a year of putting on some of the best no-gi grappling shows grappling fans have ever seen, FloGrappling will be hosting the Who’s Number One (WNO) Championship at the end of September. The Championship will be held across four sessions over two days.

This massive event will include multiple weight classes, including:

  •     Women’s 115lbs
  •     Women’s Heavyweight
  •     Men’s 155lbs
  •     Men’s 185lbs
  •     Men’s Heavyweight

Divisions consist of 8 competitors and will follow a double-elimination format. And, the prizes are serious: the winner of each division will earn $30,000, and the runner-up will earn $15,000. Plus, competitors will take part in “wrestle-backs”, in which a second bracket is created with certain losing competitors competing against each other for a chance to win third place and $7,5000.

Here’s what the current list of competitors looks like for each division:

Women’s 115lbs

  •     Amanda “Tubby” Alequin
  •     Mayssa Bastos
  •     Jessie Crane
  •     Danielle Kelly
  •     Jessa Khan
  •     Grace Gundram
  •     Tammi Musumeci
  •     Alex Nguyen

Women’s Heavyweight

  •     Elisabeth Clay
  •     Gabi Garcia
  •     Rafaela Guedes
  •     Erin Harpe
  •     Amanda Level
  •     Amanda Loewen
  •     Kendall Reusing
  •     Ana Carolina Vieira

Men’s 155lbs

  •     Cole Abate
  •     Joshua Cisneros
  •     Ethan Crelinsten
  •     Kennedy Maciel
  •     Geo Martinez
  •     Mikey Musumeci
  •     Diego “Pato” Oliveira
  •     Kade Ruotolo

Men’s 185lbs

  •     John Blank
  •     Micael Galvao
  •     Roberto Jimenez
  •     Craig Jones
  •     Dante Leon
  •     William Tackett
  •     Tye Ryotolo
  •     Andrew Wiltse

Men’s Heavyweight – TBA

Check out FloGrappling for more updates before this massive event.

Who’s your pick to win each division?


Grapple in the Temple (24 September 2021)

FloGrappling and the Marcelo Garcia Detroit Association are coming together to put on Grapple in the Temple, the first pro submission grappling event of its kind in Michigan. At that, the event will take place on the grand stage of the Masonic Temple in Detroit, one of the coolest possible venues for a grappling show. 

In the main event, Matheus Diniz will take on David Garmo in a 10-minute, submission-only ruleset. If no submission occurs in regular time, a referee’s decision will determine the winner.

This represents an important match for Garmo, who recently lost to Andrew Wiltse at WNO 8. He has stayed active since then, competing at the IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championships, and winning gold at 85kg and silver in the no-gi absolute division at the IBJJF Indianapolis Open.

Diniz will be looking to snap a recent losing streak after his gold-medal performance at ADCC in 2019. More recently, he lost to Kaynan Duarte at the Road to the ADCC, and before that to Lucas Barbosa at BJJ Stars.

Regardless, this main event is a great matchup that promises a lot of action.

In total, the event will have 15 matches, including a 10-match undercard. Here’s what the rest of the main card looks like:

  •     Alex Ecklin vs Alex Hodi
  •     Brain Fornasiero vs Anthony Wong
  •     Emil Fisher vs John Toth
  •     Alex Seaver vs Torryn Heffelfinger

Who do you have winning the main event?


F2W – September Events

Fight 2 Win Pro will host another three shows in September. Here’s what they have coming up:

  •   F2W 183 – 10 September 2021
  •   F2W 184 – 18 September 2021
  •   F2W 185 – 24 September 2021

Check out F2W’s Instagram page for more information about all upcoming events.


IBJJF Pan Championship (1-5 September 2021), and More

The IBJJF Pan Championships will take place for the first time ever in the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida. The event has already reached full capacity, which means that athletes will have to go on a waiting list if they wish to compete.

Some of the top names registered so far include:

  •   Jessa Khan (roosterweight)
  •   Mayssa Bastos (light featherweight)
  •   Pati Fontes (light featherweight)
  •   Bianca Basilio (featherweight)
  •   Gabi McComb (featherweight)
  •   Nathalie Ribeiro (lightweight)
  •   Luiza Monteiro (lightweight)
  •   Danielle Alvarez (middleweight)
  •   Claire North (middleweight)
  •   Ana Carolina Vieira (medium heavyweight)
  •   Andressa Cintra (medium heavyweight)
  •   Elisabeth Clay (medium heavyweight)
  •   Maria Malyjasiak (medium heavyweight)
  •   Gabi Pessanha (super heavyweight)
  •   Yara Soares (super heavyweight)
  •   Kendall Reusing (super heavyweight)
  •   Lucas Pinheiro (roosterweight)
  •   Joshua Cisneros (light featherweight)
  •   Diego “Pato” Oliveira (light featherweight)
  •   Gabriel Sousa (light featherweight)
  •   Gianni Grippo (featherweight)
  •   Isaac Doeoderlein (featherweight)
  •   Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor (featherweight)
  •   Jonathan Alves (lightweight)
  •   Andy Murasaki (lightweight)
  •   Ronaldo Junior (middleweight)
  •   Tainan Dalpra (middleweight)
  •   Mathias Luna (middleweight)
  •   Gabriel Almeida (medium heavyweight)
  •   Manuel Ribamar (medium heavyweight)
  •   Pedro Marinho (medium heavyweight)
  •   Gustavo Batista (heavyweight)
  •   Adam Wardzinski (heavyweight)
  •   Fellipe Andrew (super heavyweight)
  •   Guilherme Augusto (super heavyweight)
  •   Devhonte Johnson (heavyweight)
  •   Victor Hugo (ultra heavyweight)
  •   Max Gimenis (ultra heavyweight)


Also taking place in September are the following IBJJF open events:

  •     IBJJF Atlanta Summer International Open (Gi and No-Gi) (18-19 September 2021)
  •     IBJJF New Orlean Fall International Open (Gi and No-Gi) (25-26 September 2021)
  •     IBJJF Campeonato Brasileiro de Jiu-Jitsu (25 September – 3 October 2021)


Check out the complete IBBJF calendar for 2021 for more info about other upcoming events.

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If you weren’t already excited for BJJ in the month of September, you should be now.

Stay in touch and check out our monthly recaps to make sure you’re kept in the loop.

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